A sunroof can be great when it is nice out, but you may be disappointed with your new sunroof if it starts leaking while it is raining. You will then need to make a few repairs to solve the problem. The great news is that the problem that is causing the leaking sunroof is often very simple. 

Cleaning Out The Drainage Tube

Often, a leak in the sunroof is the result of the drain tube becoming clogged. Open your sunroof to expose the drain tube. Find the drain holes that are located in both front covers. The tubes travel through door pillars. Be very careful with how you clean the drain tube because some methods, such as using a coat hanger, can actually cause damage to the tube. 

The most-effective way to remove the debris is to use a shop vacuum with a thin attachment. Simply suck up the clog. If you find that the vacuum is not enough to dislodge it, purchase a can of compressed air and use this to try to dislodge the clog.

Removing More Difficult Clogs

Sometimes, air is not enough. You may need to insert a plumber's snake into the tube in order to dislodge a deeply embedded clog. A very flexible tube that can serve this purpose and that is found at most auto parts stores is the speedometer tube. 

Fixing A Damaged Seal

Another reason for a leaking sunroof is that you have a damaged seal. There may be cracks on the seal, or the seal might have jagged edges. Extremely hot or cold temperatures are likely to cause a seal to crack. The best way to fix cracks is to apply black liquid electrical tape. Brush the electrical tape on the crack until you have covered any wear. Allow the tape to dry, and it will form a waterproof seal. If you are not sure if your repair has worked, close your sunroof and pour water over it to determine if there is still a leak.

If Your Car Is New

If your car is new, it may be that there is a manufacturer's defect rather than a problem that you can correct yourself. It will be important to take your car to the dealership or to an auto body repair shop in order to have the sunroof replaced. Fortunately, you may be able to have the sunroof replaced for free.

To learn more about your repair options, check out websites like http://www.wasatchautobody.com.