Car dealerships are well-known for selling new and used vehicles, but that isn't all they do. Many car dealerships offer extra services to support their patrons and anyone with a vehicle made by the manufacturer they represent. When you buy a vehicle, you buy into those services, too.

Car dealership services are designed to support vehicle owners by helping them have the best possible experience with their purchase. Typically, they can improve the lifespan of a vehicle, make car ownership easier, and help people buy the best vehicle for their circumstances.

Financing Services

Over the years, car dealership financing services have gotten a bad reputation. Thanks to extensive regulations, even the Federal Trade Commission recommends considering dealership financing options when purchasing a vehicle. 

Car dealers offer these services for several reasons, but one of the most important reasons is convenience. With dealership financing, you can purchase your vehicle immediately without visiting your bank or credit union. Some dealerships offer incentives for using this service through special programs that discount certain vehicles or reward buyers with high credit scores.

Car Washes

After you purchase a shiny new or new-to-you vehicle, keeping it in great condition is likely to be on your mind. Car dealerships are well aware of this fact, and they strive to help their customers keep their vehicles beautiful and well-maintained for as long as possible. One way they do this is by offering a car wash service.

Some dealerships offer free car washes to anyone who has purchased a vehicle from them. Others offer inexpensive car washes to anyone who wants one. The quality of these car washes varies between dealerships, with some offering mechanical touchless washes and others offering a more hands-on service.

Warranty Repairs

Of all of the services offered by car dealerships, this one is the most well-known. Many people purchase new vehicles, counting on the warranty repairs offered by the dealership to cover all necessary repairs until they sell the vehicle at the end of the warranty period. 

Warranty repairs at dealerships typically use OEM parts and are done by dealer-certified technicians. Even vehicles with complex computer problems or repairs requiring expensive parts can be repaired in a timely manner and at no cost to customers whose vehicles are within their warranty period.

To learn more, contact car dealerships in your area and ask about the extra services they offer to customers and members of the public.